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OJ Propellers

The OJŪ XMP or 4Force nibral propellers for 3-event skiers and wakeboarders. The 4Force’s superb hole shot and improved handling gives drivers extra time to set up on even the shortest lakes. You will appreciate how well this propeller tracks through the slalom course. The throttle response is excellent, greatly simplifying driving for wakeboarding, tricks, and kneeboarding. The 4Force is also incredibly quiet and virtually vibration free.

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Acme PowerMax CNC Propellers

There has never been a ski boat propeller like this before. CNC machining introduces accuracy and performance, coupled with incredible smoothness, at any speed. Variable pitch distribution and a cup that is machined, rather than beat into shape, will give you all that you’ve been waiting for in a tournament ski boat propeller.

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Blackpack Spare Prop Kit

Don’t let minor propeller strikes ruin your weekend of skiing. Salvage the weekend with a Blackpack spare prop kit. The Blackpack contains everything you need to quickly and easily remove a damaged propeller and replace it with your spare prop.
The Blackpack is a black molded plastic case with a foam insert. It will safely carry either 13” or 14” propellers with three or four blades. It includes an Ironman prop puller, an offset prop wrench that fits the prop nut and prop puller, a brass nylock nut, a brass prop key, and a cotter pin.

BPGSPK1.06 $225

Ironman Prop Puller

The choice of professionals, the Ironman is a heat-treated, forged steel puller with a nickel chrome plating for corrosion resistance. Exclusive swiveling screw pad prevents damage to the ends of drive shafts. Removes both LH and RH 4-blade and 3-blade propellers.
Sizes: 1”-1 1/8”, 1 1/4”

IRONMAN1.0 $105
IRONMAN1.2 $129

Defender Anti-theft Prop Nut

Protect your propeller and deter thieves with the Defender anti-theft inboard prop nut.
The Defender is a brass nylock prop nut (2) which requires the use of a special socket (3) for removal. In addition, it employs a stainless steel rotating ring (1) to prevent removal of the nut with standard tools.



OJ Legend Propeller

The track record of the OJŪ Legend™ speaks for itself. The Legend™ has pulled skiers in every major event in the world. The Legend™ has excellent top end and acceleration and is available in all popular sizes for tournament ski boats.

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